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FAAST Maintenance Safety Tips  
FAAST Maintenance Safety Tips

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide recognize the adverse effects of tiredness and fatigue. Some operators and regulatory authorities favor a fatigue risk management system.
Since there are little or no regulatory requirements to limit work hours, especially in general aviation, the ownership is on each one of us as maintenance professionals to prevent fatigue from occurring, thereby preventing maintenance errors from occurring.
How do you manage the risk of fatigue-induced errors? The following suggestions may be helpful:
1.     Limit overtime
2.     Limit working for other employers (moon-lighting)
3.     Conduct a proper handoff when changing shifts
4.     Ensure you receive proper rest hours before and after work
5.     Be conscious of health issues
6.     Be conscious of personal issues
7.     Be aware of the effects of alcohol on work performance


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