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Thursday, January 22, 2009 (12521 reads)General

By Fred Brisbois

Director, Aviation & Product Safety, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Co-Chair, Safety Implementation Team of the International Helicopter Safety Team

Life is full of opportunities and challenges.  Some are daunting and at first may seem impossible or at least be very intimidating.   Aviation Safety offers its own opportunities and challenges.  Death or injury sustained in the crash of a helicopter is as tragic as it is in the crash of an airliner.  Shouldn’t we afford the same level of safety to everyone regardless of what type aircraft they are flying in?     

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IHST Launches Redesigned Web Site
Tuesday, December 30, 2008 (12452 reads)General

IHST is pleased to announce the newly redesigned web site, specifically with the needs of IHST in mind. The information is better organized and structured. The new site is modeled after the CAST web site with their permission, as was the concept for IHST itself. Much effort was put forward to insure that the logon usernames and passwords remain the same. Many thanks to Mark Liptak, Kay Brackins, Sun Yi, and Ed DiCampli for this effort.

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IHST Newsletter - October 2008
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 (11127 reads)General

The October 2008 IHST Newsletter contains articles on:

Update on our new committee co-chair, international outreach activity, and involving the insurance industry. By Mark Liptak

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IHST Newsletter - July 2008
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 (5396 reads)General

The July 2008 IHST Happenings contains news from the Exeucitve Committee, updates from the Brazil and European Regions, a report on the Helicopter Safety Web Sight and an article by Marieke van Hijum on Occurance Categories for Helicopters. Also included is a Regional Process Tracking Chart and an IHST Organization Chart.

July 2008 IHST Happenings

IHST News Letter- June 2008
Tuesday, October 07, 2008 (11542 reads)Regional News

EHEST brings together helicopter manufacturers, operators, regulators, helicopter and pilots associations, research organisations, accident investigators and military operators from across Europe. Participants come from organisations including the following: EASA, EHA, UK CAA, EHAC, UK MoD DASC, QinetiQ, RAeS, Agusta Westland, Eurocopter, UK AAIB, Irish AAIB, BFU Germany, Bristow Group, CAA Norway, Shell Aircraft Ltd/IHST, NLR, EHOC, FOCA, FAA/US JHSAT, ENAC Italy, AIB Hungary, and Air Glacier (CH). EHEST addresses the broad spectrum of helicopter operations across Europe; from commercial air transport to general aviation and flight training activities. EHEST brings together around 130 participants, from which 70 are actively involved in EHSAT.

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