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IHSS 2014 (Feb 27-28) , Anaheim Convention Center
12 Classic Accident Pitfalls Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Inadvertent Instrument Meteorological Conditions Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
SMS and Decision Making Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
SMS for Small Fleets and Private Operators Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Helicopter Accidents -“What We Can Do” Kurt Robinson, Robinson Helicopters Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) Update Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) Update - Jim Viola, FAA Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
IHST Brazil Update- Bruno Villela, IHST Brazil Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
IHST Regional Partner- Round Table Discussion, Bob Sheffield, IHST Regional Director Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
“Going Down, Downtown!” Julia Link, Mauna Loa Helicopters Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Panel Discussion: “Panel Discussion: "Finding the Grail: Internalizing Culture," Bob Sheffield (moderator), IHST Regional Director Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Safety and Leadership, CAPT Mitchell Morrison, Ph.D. Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Safety Culture, Rrichard Komarniski Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Change Culture, Stefan Becker Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Culture Panel , William Winn Feb. 2014/HELI-EXPO
Safety Management 
The Value of Safety Nov. 2013
Creating a Generative Culture& Overcoming Barriers to Change Sep. 2013/Helitech
Hazard Management/ IHST/EHEST Safety Workshop Sep. 2013/Helitech
SMS in Small Ops Sep. 2013/Helitech
SMS Training Sep. 2013/Helitech
12 Classic Accident Pitfalls Sep. 2013/Helitech
Survey Questions to Assess Your Company’s Current Culture Sep. 2013/Helitech
Introduction of Safety Workshop - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Accident Intervention and SMS - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Implementing SMS for the Smaller Operator - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
FDM, Risk, and Protecting Your Assets - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
The Reality of Aeronautical Knowledge - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
SMS and Decision Making - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Safety Management Through Flight Data Monitoring - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
How SMS Benefits You!
July 2012
Pilot Decision Making May 2012
IHST Heli-Expo Workshop on Safety Management Feb. 2012
IHST Heli-Expo Workshop on Pilot Decision-Making Feb. 2012
SMS Quick Guide Feb. 2012
Safety Intervention Strategy Feb. 2012
SMS & FDM Integration Feb. 2012
IS-BAO for Business Aircraft Operations Feb. 2012
Minneapolis Safety Seminar  June 9, 2011
Anchorage Safety Seminar  April 29, 2011
Portland Safety Seminar March 23, 2011
Airborne Law Enforcement Assoc. – SMS  March 2009
Helicopter Risk Mitigation  Sept. 12, 2006
Training Safety or Training Safely Sep. 2013/Helitech
Training Work Group Update - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
Rotor Rooting for Autorotational Success - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Training Safety or Training Safely? - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
CHC Safety & Quality Summit - Talent, Training & Trust. March, 2012
Performance Based Navigation Feb. 2012
Portland Safety Seminar March 22, 2011
How to Manage your Condition Sep. 2013/Helitech
Don't Forget About Maintenance - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) 101 - HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
HUMS Overview Feb. 2012
Maintenance Workshop March 2011
Intro to Global Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Oct. 2014/Helitech
HEMS Weather Tool Oct. 2014
EHSIT: Technology Safety Matrix Sep. 2013/Helitech
Breaking the Accident Chain Sep. 2013/Helitech
HFDM WORKSHOP Sep. 2013/Helitech
FDM, Risk … and Protecting your Assets Sep. 2013/Helitech
Safer Skies: Infrastructure - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
Breaking the Accident Chain: HTAWS - HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
Intro to Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring - HeliExpo 2013  March 2013
Flight Data Monitoring 101 Feb. 2012
Hazard Avoidance Systems Feb. 2012
Night Vision & Color Perception Feb. 2012
Flight Data Monitoring   March 2009
Flight Data Monitoring Workshop February 2009
Flight Data Monitoring 101   February 2009
Bristow FOQA Workshop   February 2009
Line Activity Monitoring Program February 2009
2011 IHST Safety Symposium   November 2011
2009 IHST Safety Symposium Sep. 2009
2007 IHST Safety Symposium - 1 June 2007
2007 IHST Safety Symposium - 2   June 2007
Worldwide Civil Helicopter Accident Trends Feb. 2014
IHST/EHEST Safety Workshop Training Sep. 2013/Helitech
IS-BAO International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations Sep. 2013/Helitech
IHST & EHEST Workshop Sep. 2013/Helitech
IHST Update - 2013 HeliTech, London  Sep. 20, 2013
A Safety Snapshot of the U.S. Civil Aviation Community June 29, 2013
Oil and Gas Aviation Subcommittee March 4, 2013
EASA Rotorcraft Symposium December 2012
IHST Overview - Robinson headquarters Sept. 19, 2012
IHST Overview - Vatican City September, 2012
IHST Overview/Update – Gulf June 3, 2009
IHST Overview/Update – Russia May 22, 2009 May 22, 2009
IHST Overview/Update – Japan April 17, 2009 April 17, 2009
IHST Overview/Update – San Diego, USA April 13, 2009
2009 CHC Safety Summit in Vancouver
US JHSIT Briefing
IHST Overview/Update – Vancouver
March 30 to April 1, 2009
Presentations given to the FAA Safety Team in Kansas City, MO
IHST Review FAAST - Kansas City
March 7, 2009
IHST presentations given at HELI-EXPO
U.S. JHSIT Briefing
February, 2009
2 day JHSAT workshop conducted. June 4-6, 2007
IHST Overview/Update – India Mar 24-30, 2007
IHST Overview/Update – Australia Mar 20-22, 2007
JHSAT Status (Drake) Feb 28, 2007
JHSAT Status (Liptak) January 23, 2007
JHSAT Status (Liptak) November 28, 2006
JHSAT Activity & Metrics (Fox) November 28, 2006
JHSAT Status Sep. 2006
JHSAT Overview  Sep. 2006
Management Structural Proposal August 8, 2006
JHSAT and International August 8, 2006
JHSAT Status June 28, 2006
JHSAT Status May 8, 2006
JHSAT Overview April 13, 2006



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US JHSAT 2000 Report




The JHSAT 2000 Report is an analysis of 197 accidents from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) calendar year (CY) 2000 dataset, which the JHSAT believed was representative of other recent years of U.S. helicopter accidents. The CY2000 accident dataset also had the advantages of being both complete and unimpeded by pending litigation that might restrict full participation by some of the JHSAT members. The dataset focused on U.S., N-registered aircraft; however, no accident data for kit or homebuilt helicopters was included in the analyses. This set of accidents was determined to be a good starting point for analysis and was also determined to be a representative sample when compared with 24 years of prior helicopter accidents and causal factors. Future JHSAT products will reflect analyses of more recent and worldwide helicopter accident data.

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